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Our Latest Safe Spaces

- Latest Release -
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- Latest Release -
Forsaken book cover

From Multi-award-winning author, Imani Lewis, comes a new children’s book showing children (and the adults that are reading to them) why their presence and light are important to the world. With fun and colorful illustrations, sing-song rhyme, as well as bonus activities and songs, this will be a read that's sure to stick with you for a lifetime.

- Latest Release -

About Red Beetle Publishing

Red Beetle Publishing, LLC is a publishing house based in Atlanta, Georgia. We were founded in 2021 by a girl who had a profound love for reading, and wanted everyone to experience the joy and sense of comfort she felt every time she flipped through pages. 

Our founder, Imani Sumter, is a national bestselling and multi-award winning author under her pen name, Imani Lewis.

Here at Red Beetle Publishing, we not only help you find your next read, but also help you get your own work published and in front of readers that we know are perfect for you. 

We also offer marketing and brand design services for those businesses that want to offer a sense of comfort for their customers.

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Book Reviews


"The writing is smooth and graceful. The author's words float across the pages in a warm, inviting, and playful tone. It's sheer pleasure reading, almost like singing a song."

Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views Kids (2021)


"I enjoyed this book!! Whether you like Holidays or not, this story will make you believe that great things are possible!"

Amarilis Johnson, Reader


"This book was purchased for me as a gift. I enjoyed the storyline very much and I look forward to reading the sequel as the story was very engaging (I finished this book in less than two days)."

Helena, Reader

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