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Children's Books

Hello & Goodnight book cover

Romance Books

Man and woman caressing with black background
Boy and girl sitting on clouds with purple background
a holiday with the devil book cover. Man laying down shirtless in santa hat
oil painting of the cherry blossom trees and river in tokyo, Japan
painting of the tokyo, Japan skyline

Poetry Books, Memoirs & Essays 

Drawing of moon and stars
drawing of clouds and sky
woman holding herself with roses on a pink gradient background

Serialized Stories

hands reaching for each other through search browsers

Book Reviews


"The writing is smooth and graceful. The author's words float across the pages in a warm, inviting, and playful tone. It's sheer pleasure reading, almost like singing a song."

Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views Kids (2021)


"I enjoyed this book!! Whether you like Holidays or not, this story will make you believe that great things are possible!"

Amarilis Johnson, Reader


"This book was purchased for me as a gift. I enjoyed the storyline very much and I look forward to reading the sequel as the story was very engaging (I finished this book in less than two days)."

Helena, Reader

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